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The Green Justice Party
Civil Liberty and Fiscal Responsibility

D-Day: Get out there and vote Polls open 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Wake up Surrey on election Propoganda

Setting the record straight on Dianne Watts

SNC-Lavalin bribery court case tied to Surrey LRT

Wake up Surrey blows the whistle on election fraud

Green Justice and Roslyn Cassells' hacker is being watched

Stop the Surrey LRT Disaster - Gangsters Out goes political

Tom Gill passes when asked about crime in Surrey

Green Justice supports Jason Kenney over Rachel Notley

Elections BC direct the City of Surrey to take down the LRT signs

Green Justice is a registered third party sponsor in the Surrey civic election

Green Justice endorses Norm Farrell for North Vancouver School Trustee

Green Justice endorses Ken Sim and the NPA for Vancouver civic election

The Green Justice Party endorses Doug McCallum for mayor of Surrey and the Safe Surrey Coalition because they will stop the LRT on 104th and they will embrace the New York crime reduction model. We also endorse Rina Gill and Roslyn Cassells but we do not endorse Steven Pettigrew.

Surrey School Trustee Candidates endorsed by Green Justice
SOGI SUCKS. Nobody want to see Gay, Lesbian or Transgender kids commit suicide. Everyone should feel included. However, telling elementary school kids there is no such thing as gender crosses the line into absurdity. The NDP have an agenda and it's not inclusive. In their war on religion they have launched a war on morality. That means in the struggle between good and evil, they are on the wrong side.


Green Justice opposes Proportional Representation because it is not Proportional

If some fringe party gets 10% of the vote they should not get 10% of the seats. The person with the most votes should get the seat. Taking a seat from someone who got the most votes and giving that seat to someone who received less votes is just plain wrong. Bill Tieleman opposes Pro Rep and so does Green Justice.


Bruce Haynes sees the light - Dianne Watts' lame duck attacks Doug McCallum and Bruce Haynes

John Horgan promotes the SNC-Lavalin LRT fraud and we're not buying it

Stop the Surrey LRT Disaster - Gangsters Out goes political

2018 Election Theme Song - In Memory of Janice Shore

Green Justice does NOT support Steven Pettigrew

Residents criticize Dianne Watts and the LRT

Surrey Mayor Candidate's Debate

Finding balance amidst political corruption

Dianne Watts' dirty deeds done dirt cheap

United for Change Surrey also opposes LRT

Bableen Rana joins the Safe Surrey Coalition

Dr. Allison Patton joins Safe Surrey Coalition slate

Bringing back the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Unit in BC

Doug Elford resigns from SCA to run with Doug McCallum

Addressing gun violence in Surrey with the New York Model

Newton crime meeting hijacked by Anarchists and Communists

Implementing the New York City Crime Reduction Model in Surrey

The Mollen Commission was a key element of the New York Model

Documentary about Michael Dowd and the 75th Precinct in Brooklyn


Rich Coleman is out, Doug McCallum is in and Barbra Steele jumps ship

Green Justie endorses Norm Farrell for North Vancouver School Trustee

Rina Gill runs for Surrey city council Green Justice endorses her

Green Justice supports the Wake up Surrey Movement

Falun Gong Rally and March - Letter from Masanjia

Addressing Surrey and Metro Vancouver's Rental Crisis

Beavers, butterflies and peacocks, Surrey First eradicates them all

Bruce Hayne quits Surrey First - Rats leaving a sinking ship

They want to put Hjorth Road elementary on a traffic island

LRT on 104th will create an infrastructure nightmare

The Surrey LRT and the SMH parking lot fraud

Linda Hepner's Fail Army: Defiant to the end

Falun Gong Rally and March in Vancouver

Linda Hepner kills baby eagles in Surrey

People First Organize LRT Symposium

Streetcar collisions in Toronto

The Director of South of Fraser Rapid Transit at TransLink is Stephan Mehr. Before that he worked over 22 years with SNC-Lavalin the dirtiest construction company on the planet that is still in court facing fraud and corruption charges in 2018.

Visit Surrey Peacocks

Jas Rehal has got to go

Translink's LRT Twilight Zone

Hawthorne Park Fraud exposed

Tom Gill is is part of the problem

The Struggle Between Good and Evil

Massive gang violence rally at Surrey City Hall

Skytrain for Surrey Protest at Bear Creek Park

Surrey Businesses want Skytrain not LRT

Order a free copy of the Canadian Charter of Rights

Order a pocket version of the US Constitution

Addressing Metro Vancovuer's Rental Crisis

Contact: greenjusticeparty@hotmail.com

Download Surrey Flyer

Defining the Green Justice Party:

Combining environmental protection of Canada with the social justice of Europe and the free market of America. Sustainable economic prosperity for all. Clean government.

We are not a charity. We don’t want your money; we want your vote and your voice. All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men and women to remain silent. Speak up.

One of the common criticisms of the Green Party is that they are a one policy party. We need to rise above this.

One of the common criticisms of the Neo Cons is that they tax and spend more than the left does. We need to rise above this.

Lower taxes are better for everyone, both consumers and business. Lower taxes are obtained through fiscal restraint not through tax and spend pork barrel politics.

Confronting the debt is like protecting the environment. Progressive thinking supports sustainability globally, financially and economically.   

Corporate monopolies are bad because they destroy the free market. The only time a corporate monopoly is good is when the consumers are shareholders in the monopoly like Norway.

Protecting civil liberty in our era is paramount. The US Constitution, the Irish Proclamation and the Canadian Charter of Rights are solid models to protect civil liberty within a free republic.

Fascism is no better than Communism. Both roads lead to the same place. Draw a line in the sand and call it democracy. The further away from that line you get to the left or the right, the further away from democracy you get and the closer you get to dictatorship. School shootings are bad but so is gun control. If the Jews in Europe had guns, the holocaust never would have happened. Switzerland is the best model for gun control.

Organized crime infiltrates everything. The New York model was successful because it confronted police corruption and targeted street level drug trafficking.

Merging the Tea Party with the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

This is where the left meets right - in the dead centre - perfect balance.

The New York Model is coming to Surrey: Lead, follow or get out of the way.

Everybody wants to be a cowboy but this is our crib and we gonna run this town tonight.

We the people, in order to form a more perfect Union,

establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility,

provide for the common defence,

promote the general Welfare, &

secure the Blessings of Liberty

to ourselves and our Posterity.


[Skytrain for Surrey] [Wake Up Surrey]

[Canadian Taxpayers Federation]

[Lower Mainland Biodiesel]




[Crack in the System] [Kill the Messenger] [The Seven Five]

Metro Vancouver Issues:

[Rental Crisis] [ICBC Fraud] [Translink Tax Fraud] [Surrey LRT Scam] [BC Hydro Fraud]

[Organized Crime] [Gas Fraud] [Corporate Media] [Mobility Pricing vs Mobility Rights]

[Coalition blasts TransLink's 35% parking tax] [The Freedom to Move]

Green Justice endorses Ken Sim and the NPA for Vancouver


Spotlight on Surrey:

LRT along 104th avenue is a bad idea. It will create an infrastructure nightmare.

People who drive cars prefer Skytrain because Skytrain does not impede traffic.

No Justice, No Peace.

Know Justice, Know Peace.

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